My “Big Girl Drawer”

This is an absolute necessity for anyone living away from their parents. This began my first year at university as the bottom drawer of my school-issued desk, where I kept a miniature first-aid kit and bag of sewing supplies my mom had, for some reason, insisted I take with me. Little did I know this would soon become my saving grace.

  • Contents of my "Big Girl Drawer"
    Contents of my “Big Girl Drawer”

    Flashlight: For when the power goes out during storms (and you don’t want to waste my phone battery). My go to would be candles, but since my apartment complex has ridiculously sensitive smoke alarms I use a flashlight. This specific version is solar powered, so I set it by the window every once in a while to charge. Great option if you don’t want to worry about batteries rotting!

  • Band-aids: For when you slice my finger trying to cut veggies.
  • Gauze: For when you REALLY slice your finger. Also great for keeping icepacks in place.
  • Aleve: Because no one wants to drive to the drugstore when you have a crushing headache. (Aleve is my personal favorite, but Ibuprofen or Motrin will do the trick as well. Just make sure they interact okay with any other meds you might be taking!)
  • Sunscreen: Trust me, everyone will thank you when you plan last-minute trips to the lake.
  • Basic Tools: It’s so much easier to fix your blinds when they fall down or screw something back in place than having to wait 3 days for maintenance to come. They also come in handy for all your DIY-ing needs! [Pro Tip: have both a Flathead screwdriver (straight) and Philip’s head (cross) on hand.] I have 2 screwdrivers, a measuring tape (for hanging pictures), a small hammer, and a paintbrush (so you don’t get charged for hanging said pictures).
  • Accordion Folder: To keep all your important documents and papers in one place. Think pay stubs, apartment notices, school transcripts, etc.